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The aim of the conference is to showcase the potential cooperation areas between German and Iraq/Kurdistan Region for developing the general infrastructure and shed light on the investment  opportunities of their choice. Representatives from relevant ministries and the majority of economic sectors, local investors and businessmen will be attending the conference and can shed light on the current situation and network directly with prospective partners and investors The investment options in Iraq and Kurdistan Region vary significantly in terms of type, size, scope, purpose and sector structure. Much has to be undertaken by all stakeholders such as feasibility studies for critical projects and infrastructure challenges in all fields.   As far as investment is concerned, investors will be able to operate and develop projects of mutual benefits. Geographically, Iraq and Kurdistan Region enjoy a strategic position serving as a central link in the mid-course of the world’s trade routes, which – combined with the diversity of unique natural resources – gives it a significant trading advantage.

Affected by successive wars over a period of more than half a century, the infrastructure of the area in most life sectors have been damaged. This is why Iraq and Kurdistan Region badly need giant development, reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. For the same reason, cooperation with Germany becomes an urgent and critical demand. This will help create many opportunities for diverse German economic sectors, factory owners, financiers as well as local investors who will find ample opportunities to build relationships, implement projects, promote economical ties that are of mutual benefits for all.

The Kurdistan Regional Government supports investments in the region through granting of public benefits for projects that fall within the scope of the Investment Law. The Board of Investment (BOI) is the focal contact point and responsible for the licensing process. Investors who are willing to obtain an investment license have to apply at the respective branch office in each governorate. The BOI evaluates project proposals, decides on the eligibility, facilitates land allocation an, issues an investment license that grants public benefits, which are supervised and followed up during the construction and operation phases.

We look forward to holding the 1st (BICGIK-2017) in Hannover – Germany in September 6th & 7th, 2017. This Pan-Iraq/Kurdistan economic and investment event will be held under the theme “Investment in Innovations and Entrepreneurship.”We are hoping to account on the success of executives from financial institutions, business chambers and other institutions.

The event is being held in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hannover and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Iraq and Kurdistan Region as well as other unions of manufacturers, businessmen, importers, exporters and trading associations.


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Conference are held in the Main hall, workshops in Second floor meeting rooms

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German & English will be the main languages in the Conference, with the availability of instant interpreter to/from the German, Arabic, and Kurdish.